Understanding the difficulties of returning to society, from which most of the members were violently expelled because of their use, the program tries to offer support in social reintegration. Ex-addicts try to handle, with the support of the Social Reintegration staff, issues or problems which may occur during their everyday life. The main goal during this phase is for each member to function as an equal member of the society.

The Social Reintegration Unit offers the following services:

Social Reintegration Groups

  • Psychosocial support group, with two 2-hour meetings per week.
  • Physical activities
  • Cultural activities

Therapy in the Social Reintegration Unit can last from 9 to 15 months (always offering individualized intervention, depending on each member’s progress).


Address: 196 Lagada, Stavroupoli

tel. (+30) 2313 324 651