The Counseling and Information Center is the entrance “gate” of “ARGO – Alternative Therapeutic Program for Dependent Individuals”. The first contact can be made after a single phone call. The first appointment shall take place within 24 hours after the phone call. There is no waiting list. The Counseling and Information Center’s facilities are in the city center.

Integration Processes of the Counseling and Information Center:

  • Phone contact
  • 1st contact, within 24 hours after the phone contact
  • TDI Questionnaire Completion – Indicator of Treatment Request
  • Assessment process – Therapeutic Plan
  • Motivational interview
  • Guidance on health insurance issues
  • Health check up (HIV, HCV etc.)
  • Physical detoxification counseling – Dispensation of opiate antagonists, if needed
  • Information and guidance on personal hygiene and infectious diseases

Address: 52 Giannitson, Thessaloniki

tel. (+30) 2310 540 353