Understanding the fact that family plays a major role in all aspects of life and knowing that the return of a former addict to their family is a desirable but not a mandatory goal, “ARGO” always cooperates with each member’s family and significant others, in three levels:

  • Individual sessions, counseling and support for all family members and significant others
  • Parents groups, with a goal to support their role and to understand the connection between addiction and family relationships
  • Family therapy groups, based on Systemic Approach and Therapy having as goal the reconstruction of the relationship between all family members and the redefining of the former addict’s role in the family.

Individual sessions and support meetings for the family members and significant others

Addresses parents, children and significant others who play a major role in the rehabilitation of “ARGO”‘s members.

Parents Groups

Open Parents Group

Special support is offered to the parents of those people who do not wish or are not able yet to become a part of the therapeutic process -program. The participants are trying to understand, sooth and confront what they are facing, through externalization and exchanging of their personal experiences and difficulties. There are not any special requirements in order for someone to participate in this group, so everyone who needs help, is more than welcome (parents, partners, family members, friends).


Therapeutic Community’s Parents Group

The basic subject of these groups is the support of the parents’ role during the major change that the member of their family is going through. “Boundaries”, “conflicts”, “emotions”, “partners’ problems”, “day-to-day management” and “the connection between addiction and family relationships” are the main themes of this group.

Social Reintegration’s Parents Groups

The basic subject of this group is the support of the program member’s family during this major change that an ex-addict is going through, during the phase of their social reintegration.

Self-help family Group – “ARGO” Parents’-Volunteers’ Association

The group has a special goal to become a self-help group between parents, as they need to maintain the contact with the support they receive. The program’s role is clearly advisory and supervisory. The most important action of this group is the foundation of “ARGO’S” Parents’-Volunteers’ Association.

Family Therapy Meetings

An interdisciplinary group of family therapists based on the principles of Systemic Approach and Therapy, works with the family and the member during the rehabilitation process. The main goal  is the renegotiation of the family’s relationships and the former dependent’s role in this family.


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