“ARGO – Alternative Therapeutic Program for Addicted Individuals” is a non Residential, drug-free therapeutic program. It pertains to the Greek National Health System and, specifically, to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. PAPANIKOLAOU” – Organic Unit Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki. It deals with any kind of dependency from illegal drugs (heroin, cocaine, cannabis, stimulants etc.) and other addictive behaviors (internet addiction, gambling, prescription medicine etc.), offering its services free of charge to people over 18 years old.

It is the 1st Program providing ambulatory (non residential) therapy to individuals in Thessaloniki and it was founded in May 1998

It meets the terms and conditions of the Law 2161/93 Article 6, which approves the program as  a Rehabilitation Program (Council’s approval of OKANA and feasibility approval on behalf of the Ministry of Health)

Services are provided free of charge

Services are provided without any kind of discrimination, regardless of race, beliefs, creed, sex, nationality, sexual preferences, physical disabilities, political tendencies, criminal record or financial status

“ARGO” does not dispense any kind of substitutes during the therapeutic procedures.

The addict is not treated as a patient, but as a person who is encouraged to assume their responsibilities, to adapt a new way of life and behavior and a new value system in order to live a life without any kind of dependency.

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