The Association “Friends of ARGO” was established in 31/03/2003, as a means of supporting the social and therapeutic work of the Program.

Aiming at the enhancement of all the Program’s activities in Primary Prevention, Research, Therapy, Social Reintegration and Family Support of its members, it organizes events, lectures, discussions of scientific interest, artistic or cultural events. It plans social gatherings for the dissemination of the services provided by the Program.

Having a legally approved fund, it collects financial grants, donations and other material benefits that can help “ARGO” to operate more efficiently.

Lastly, it has contacts with individuals, competent bodies and services of the public or private sector, seeking support for the Program’s graduates.

The Association is open to new members. All that someone has to do, is call (+302310 – 668616 or +302310 – 540 353), send a fax (+302313 – 324651) or contact us through an email (, so that they can apply for registration.

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