“ARGO”, in cooperation with the Department of Higher Education, operates a School Unit within the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki for drug addicts who are in the process of rehabilitation. The School Unit is addressed to members of “ARGO” and other therapeutic programs of the prefecture of Thessaloniki (IANOS Program and Metheksis of Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, Self-help Promotion Program A.U.Th. – OKANA). The function of the School Unit highlights and underlines the role of education in achieving and maintaining the therapeutic goal of drug rehabilitation. An overwhelming number of addicts dropped out of school because of dependence, at a very young age, without having even completed compulsory education.

The initiative for the implementation of the School Unit by “ARGO” emerged through recognition of educational and training deficits and the need for these deficits to be covered. The first objective is the completion of basic education and the acquisition of a High School Diploma. Next pursuit is to reinforce the incentive to continue at higher education levels (Lyceum and Highest Education/Technical Faculties – University).

Finally, the School Unit, responding to the basic principles of the Program, is not limited to the learning of the curriculum but seeks the general intellectual cultivation of the individual in order to integrate equally in society and to claim equal opportunities in the labor market.

Address: 196 Lagada, Stavroupoli

tel.: (+30) 2313 324 339, 2313 324 184


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