The number of addicted people, who have a serious psychiatric problem parallel with addiction, has increased in recent years. In “ARGO”, in addition to group therapy, the effort to tackle this dual problem focuses on a personalized approach and therapeutic planning. The ARGO Dual Diagnosis Unit offers services ranging from harm reduction to rehabilitation. Depending on the course and management of the psychiatric problem, the individual may be referred to other services of the Program (eg the Non Residential Therapeutic Community).

The main objectives of the Unit are based on the following axes:

  • Effort to reduce and / or stop the use of substances. If this is not immediately feasible, effort is made to control the use so as to have the least possible impact on the person’s everyday life.
  • Effort to cope with the symptoms of the psychiatric problem by working with the individual’s psychiatrist or a psychiatrist from the program.
  • Regulation and / or cutting off (when possible) of medication.
  • Mobilization in the areas of everyday life and effort to change relationships with the significant others.

The ARGO Dual Diagnosis Unit provides two-hour groups twice a week, individual meetings weekly, as well as support for families and significant others. In addition, a series of external actions aiming at the social integration of the beneficiaries are carried out.

Therapeutic Groups:

  • Psychosocial support
  • Art Therapy


Address: 52 Giannitson, 5th floor, Thessaloniki

tel: (+30) 2310 540 353


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