Over the years there has been a significant increase in dependency and psychiatric problems co-occurrence. Addressing this specific population requires a new and contemporary approach. “ARGO” has established a Dual Diagnosis Unit, which offers services to these individuals in two ways:

  • “Parallel support”, with medical-pharmaceutical treatment as needed, alongside the addiction rehabilitation. In that case there are two-hour groups twice a week, a weekly individual session and support for the family and significant others.
  • If a person, in co-operation with the Dual Diagnosis Unit staff, is able to cut off their medical-pharmaceutical treatment, they are encouraged to enter the Non Residential Therapeutic Community of “ARGO”. During this process, the person is able to re-enter the Dual Diagnosis Unit, in case the psychiatric symptoms cannot be maintained.


Address: 52 Giannitson, 5th floor, Thessaloniki

tel: (+30) 2310 540 353