Psychological, social, family and personal problems can lead to addiction. The main therapeutic goal for every member is to overcome difficulties and become a free person without any need to be involved with drugs or dependency habits in all their social relationships. The goal of the “Non Residential” Therapeutic Community is helping the members gain self-respect and self-confidence and to trust others, deal with stressful situations in a constructive way and to discover their abilities and skills.

The members’ participation is totally voluntary and it is based on the active participation in the everyday program, which is essential for a successful treatment outcome.

The main rules of the Therapeutic Community forbid the following:

  • The use of psychotropic substances and every dependency behavior and habit (alcohol, gambling, internet addiction, etc.)
  • Verbal or physical violence
  • Last but not least, there is a set of rules for community living and cooperation.

The Therapeutic Community is the central phase of therapy and it lasts 12 months.  The majority of the therapeutic activities is based on team work. The services are available from Monday to Friday 12pm to 8pm. During these hours, there is a variety of therapeutic groups and services that emphasize in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

“ARGO” offers 18 different types of therapeutic groups during the phase of Therapeutic Community. This variety of therapeutic groups of “ARGO” is one the Program’s main advantages. In addition, these particular therapeutic groups have been integrated into the good practices database of the European education network ECEtt and most of them have received very high ratings.

All members have the potential to take legal advice from the group of volunteer Lawyers of the Program. A certificate of attendance may be issued for the following:

  • Judicial use
  • Health Insurance issues
  • Military Use
  • Student Use
  • Manpower’s Employment Organization (Greek Unemployment Office)
  • Tax Use
  • Pending Financial Issues, etc.

An important aspect of the drug addiction, besides the psychological process, is the care of the general physical health. It is possible to perform laboratory examinations and referrals to other clinics of the General Hospital of Thessaloniki – “G. PAPANIKOLAOU” – Organic Unit Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki.

Address: 196 Lagada, Stavroupoli

Tel: (+30)  2310 668 616, 2313 324 651