EXODUS theater group

EXODUS is an Ensemble theatre company that was created in 2018. A small group of people – members, volunteers and staff from ARGO – try to work on different theatrical plays and approach the role through experimentation, exploring their body and soul. Through ‘play’ and improvisation, the members try to find the ability to control and utilize their body to the fullest desired extent. Different exercises give them the opportunity to explore their body and broaden their horizons. They finally go on stage, with no expectation of a complete work, which helps them recognize their dynamic, turning their weaknesses into strengths. The ‘Art of the Now’ gives them the opportunity to understand the way they communicate and find solutions to their personal conflicts. Finally, what someone learns through theatre is that: “Someone can reach their goals only with the help of others”

Trailer from the theatrical performance “Getaway: mindtrip”, that was presented in June 2018 at the lobby of the Society for Macedonian Studies.

In the past the group has given performances in “Christos Tsakiris” cultural center (Pavlos Melas municipality), Young artist and Ecology festival and in downtown Thessaloniki during the world day against drugs. 

The group also participated in Alexandros Pantazoudis’ short film “schoolheating.gr”, where members, volunteers and staff from ARGO made their appearance. 

Special thanks goes to all the volunteers actors and directors, that have contributed to this group:

Eleni Dimopoulou-Stathis Mavropoulos-Alexandros Pantazoudis-Antigone Barba

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