The Program’s philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: personal freedom, collectivity and creativity.

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Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017

The english version of the Annual Report of 2017 will be available soon. 

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ARGO’s philosophy

The Program’s philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: personal freedom, collectivity and creativity. The free and willing encounter with the others. Personal freedom is not an individual characteristic, but it is essential within the frame of collectivity. Collectivity offers the social conditions for personal freedom. Creativity is about personal freedom and collectivity in all aspects of life. In that sense: Collectivity is the condition Creativity is the means of achievement Personal freedom is the final goal

Expression through rythm (percussion group)

Using percussion, which are ductile instruments, rhythm is used as a “different” way of communication which leads to expression of emotions, without the censorship of logic.

Black Theater

Imagery, imagination, story, tale, darkness, music, color, visible and invisible. This is black theater. This technique’s charm and magic led us to create this particular group in 2007. Through a specific form of theatrical expression, imagination and creativity are developed.

Radio Expression and Communication

The members shape the content and form of a radio show which, through a local radio station, brings the Program in contact with society. The group’s radio show is broadcasted every Saturday from 10:00 until 11:00 through 90.4 “Aristera sta FM”.

Photography group

ARGO’s photography group was established in November 2017. Its goal is to bring the program’s members close to the art of photography, through understanding its basic principles and techniques. Through photographic capture, the members learn to spot and compose images

Theater Group

With help from volunteer actors and directors, ARGO’s theater group aims to bring its members close to the art of theater, so they can express themselves through roles and texts.  In the past the group has presented its work in

Digital Empowerment

Digital Empowerment is a creative approach to the teaching of information and communication technologies and it is also an effective entry point for its members, who are people that have either disengaged from the learning process or lack confidence with